How to Install an FireFox XPI File

Fri, Apr 29, 2011

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Normally if you use Firefox the program will install the file itself. But some plug in and extras are from third party websites and you need to install them yourself. Just make sure you KNOW what you install.

Make sure you have a new Firefox window open. If you don’t have the browser open, launch it from your desktop or any other location on your PC.

Drag the Firefox XPI file you have downloaded on your computer to your browser window by holding down your left mouse button over the XPI file and using your mouse to drag the file directly into the middle of your browser screen and then letting go of your left mouse button.

Click the “Yes” option when asked if it’s okay to install the file on the browser.

Wait for the XPI file to complete the install process. Firefox will then tell you that it’s necessary to perform a browser restart for the changes to take place; click the “Restart” button when it appears. Wait for your browser to close and reopen after pushing “Restart.” Your XPI file is now installed.

Verify that the file is installed by clicking on “Tools” via the top of your Firefox broswer. You should then see the application on the list.

Make sure it do not crash your system or any other plug in after installing.

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