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Free your website
Improving your SEO for free with GnoZtiK is just a start

Scan SEO key points, diaGnoZtiK, find solutions to get better ranking, get easy and powerful tips, improve right away, overtake your competitors… exchange !

GnoZtiK Review:

At first, you have to know that a website is made for web surfers, not search engines. You must find the right compromise between optimization and readability. In general, search engines can sanction “deviating” web pages … there is no point in using spamdexing, doorways, hidden texts (JS, CSS or frames), cloaking or farm links.

In order to optimize your web pages, you have to adjust 2 parameters : the number of keywords and their density, in every type of tags (, , , etc. …) of your html code of your web pages.

Main features:

– no registration required,
– free audits and tips in less than 3 minutes,
– all SEO criteria (pagerank, backlink, HTML content),
– all Google versions (Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, …),
– Export in CSV format
– escape Google© blacklist with Vidalia (setup Internet Explorer© proxy with Vidalia),
– fast and easy to use,
– no need to be an expert,
– make more money

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