Go2Proxy is a very fast web proxy. Using it to browse the blocked sites

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Go2 proxy is a very fast web proxy. Using it to browse the blocked sites
Implements a useful error page when a website cannot be reached since it is blocked. Just click the go2 button to unblock it. It also add a link of go2.appspot.com to tool menu.

Simple but really fast and reliable proxy tool!

Very good addon! Although simple and requires copy-and paste or manual typing of a required web-address of interest, this tool is really fast and very reliable. It opens websites that I could not open using other proxy tools (e.g. Proxilla). The same applies to links on some of the websites I regularly visit. This tool has no problem to open these while other proxy addons open an empty page. In addition, this tool offers an option of opening a web page using additional security (https) which is great.
Overall, very simple but very fast and reliable and secure tool. Highly recommend for users who just want to navigate the world web with he advantage of confidentiality and ability to open blocked websites.

http://www.filesonic.com/file/896158814/Go2 proxy 1.0.2.zip

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