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about this add-on:
How to access the addon in Firefox?
After you have installed the addon in Firefox you can access the addon by
selecting “Grid Proxy Manager” from menue “Tools” (English Firefox version).

– Installed Java (1.4, 1.5 or 1.6) and Firefox Java plugin (e.g. Sun JRE or Sun
JDK). Only the Sun Firefox Java plugin works well. Other Java plugins (e.g.
IcedTea) might not work.
– Enabled [v] Java and [v] JavaScript in Firefox.
– A valid user certificate in your Firefox keystore (private and public key).
– Access to a MyProxy server, that accepts your certificate DN (please
be aware, that some MyProxy servers restrict access to special DNs).
– Appropriate configuration of local firewall and routing (for details please
see problems and solutions below).

How does it work?
(1) First select your user certificate stored in your Firefox keystore.
This certificate will be used to sign the MyProxy certificate.

(2) Type in the MyProxy server and the port (default: 7512).

(3) Please choose a reasonable user name (e.g. your_first_name.your_last_name)
for your MyProxy certificate and a good password to protect it.
Your 7-days valid MyProxy certificate is stored below that name on the
server and is protected by the password.

(4) For communication with the MyProxy server the certificate “Chain of Trust”
is required. You can type in the URL where the “Chain of Trust” of your
MyProxy server can be found.
The URL can point to an archive (*.tar.gz, *.tgz. *.zip, *.tar) or to a
directory (which must be listable). If it is a directory all archives and
certificate files in that directory will be downloaded and unpacked.
The default URL points to the EUGridPMA (an international organisation to
coordinate the trust fabric for e-Science grid authentication in Europe).
If the “Chain of Trust” of your MyProxy is not covered by this package
please consult your local documentation where you can download the
corresponding “Chain of Trust”.

(5) Finally press the button “Upload MyProxy Certificate”. This will
* update the certificate “Chain of Trust” once a day,
* export your user certificate from your Firefox keystore,
* derive a MyProxy certificate from your user certificate and
* upload that MyProxy certificate to the MyProxy server.
The progress of this procedure is displayed in the status area

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