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Proxy Changer is a windows program that runs in the system tray and allows you to quickly change between proxy servers, or to quickly change proxy settings. Simply setup proxy servers in the program and set one as default and one as an alternate to be able to quickly switch between them. Can also enable and disable proxy, set to automatically detect settings, or to use the automatic configuration setting, all from the system tray within a few clicks. Ideal for users who use a laptop between home and work, or for anyone who needs to quickly and effortlessly be able to change a proxy setting in IE. All settings are changed on the fly without the need to restart Internet Explorer.

It happens many times that we connect our laptop to Internet using different proxy servers, for example one at our home, one at our office. Thus, to use Internet we have change the proxy servers each & everytime, which is a bit tiring job. To reduce this extra work there is a special plugin developed by Jelle Druyts that goes by the name of Internet Explorer Proxy Monitor. It is a small ulitity that auto detects the proxy servers you are using to access the Internet. It is a regular application that can be used right from the taskbar. As soon as the application is started, a icon is seen in the taskbar, when you click it, it shows a menu with some settings. Suppose you are accessing Internet from your home, then you can set the proxy setting to ‘Home’ & similarly you can set it to ‘Work’ if you accessing Internet from your office. It is as simple as that. One of the features of thIs software is that it will automatically re-detect the proxy server when the computer’s network address has changed. The application can also be run from the command-line.

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Download IEProxyMonitor here: Explorer Proxy

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