What is psychometry?

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What ‘s psychometry?

There are people who can do more special things. For example, I can relive the personal stories of other individuals, only through an object. For these people, objects can speak. Or, in other words, they acquire information using objects. Let’s call these “psychometrics.” As the owner of an object has experienced intense emotions about that object, the more he has printed, more information. Given the environment of an object, acquiring information about the owner of that object, that’s called psychometry. 

Record psychometry

The fact that objects “record” information leads to the idea that, in fact, the ether itself remains impregnated with the information. This leads some to associate psychometry with access to the Akashic Chronicle. In addition, the fact that things seem to have a memory leads others to the idea of ​​”animism,” the primitive religious current that lies in the idea that things, plants, minerals, lives have some ” spirits ». Practically, the followers of this idea tend to personify objects, phenomena, etc. Psychometry can be experienced not only by people equipped and trained in this. Many people have experienced psychometry in everyday life, but did not realize it. I think everyone happened to look at a person, or to raise their hand and have the feeling that the person is happy, sad, happy or depressed; Or, when we become familiar with someone, we may feel instant sympathy or dislike. This can happen even without seeing a man, he can find out how he feels even when he writes messages, SMS, emails. We can also direct someone’s provision without even changing a word. We humans are heavily emotionally charged, and we often give in to our peers. 

How do we define psychometry?

 Psychometry has a nice “mechanical” etymology. Psychometry would mean “the measure of the soul (in the sense of the psychic).” In decomposition, we have Psyche (Soul, Psychic) ​​+ Metron (measure), Greek words. Psychometry, as a notion, was introduced by American J. Rodes Buchanan in 1842. Buchanan was an affluent to an obsolete concept and thought that if psychology is “the science of the soul” (in the sense of the psychic), psychometry offers the Possibility to measure and evaluate it. Other names in the phenomenon, such as “psychoscopy”, “reading token objects” (“Ready for object”, or “object association” (“object association”), have not had a good time. Sure, this phenomenon has been around since ancient times, but the idea is that this American doctor, J. Rodes Buchanan, noticed it, noticed it, and highlighted it. He realized that some people could identify exactly different medications presented in sealed envelopes. He gave letters to his subjects of his unknown persons, to describe them. The results were amazing.


Psychometry is the bioinformational phenomenon

 But what is psychometry as a phenomenon? Psychometry is the bioinformational phenomenon in which the subject’s ability is stimulated and oriented by an associated object. In short, bioinformational phenomena are phenomena whose appearance is apparently the exotic acquisition of information by a life system. Psychometry is characterized by the existence of a phase prior to the acquisition of information, in which the paranormal capacity of the subject is stimulated and is oriented towards the touch, vision, proximity of an inductor (objective object). The inductor can be: – an object that belonged to or came into prolonged contact with one or more people; – a fragment written by someone’s hand; – an image of a person; – an organic fragment (hair, tooth, blood, etc.) of a person; – An object that has been in a certain place for a long time. Psychometry is performed when a psychometer follows the target person at different times in the past. The ability of psychometrics can be compared to a goal that focused on the goal, observing it in space and time, preferably in significant events, sometimes marked by a terrible drama. The inducer (objective object) stimulates this psychometric capacity of the subject and orients it to a particular objective, or sometimes to several successive objectives. All, which in the past came into contact with the inductor, is a potential target for the subject. In a limited number of cases, the target may be a particular place where the inductor was for a long time. In the vast majority of psychometric experiences, the goal toward the subject’s ability is a person who has in past contact with the inductor. For psychometrics, it is irrelevant whether or not the target person is alive at the time of “reading.”


In the presence of an object of a dead person, some subjects suffer a violent shock, experience physically and emotionally the last impressions of the victim. In this type of experience, in which the subject is identified, through a telepathic contact in the past, with the target person, the information is purchased by telepathic feedback.

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