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Thu, Jun 2, 2011

Internet Explorer Proxy

Have you ever encountered an http:// or ftp:// link with unknown file sizes? Sometimes, the file size is determined incorrectly. But that is a not problem with Internet File Size. Now you can easily determine the file size, type and modification date on the internet.

Moreover, if your base http or ftp link is “encoded” (such as, the Internet File Size shows the real file http or ftp path.

Convenient program interface and Internet Explorer integration:
Internet File Size usage is very convenient. You can point http or ftp links by:
using the Internet Explorer context menu (right click on http or ftp link).
dragging and dropping the http or ftp links from the browser to the Internet File Size window.
dragging and dropping the selected text to the Internet File Size window (for example, when your http or ftp text document links, or http or ftp links, are not validated).
Moreover, Internet File Size can work in tooltip mode. In this mode, it works similar to simple Windows hints (the window closes automatically after you switch to another application).

Redirected links support:
If the http or ftp link was pointed with redirection (for example in such a way ), Internet File Size shows not only the file size and type but the real http or ftp link path.

Proxy server with authorization support:
If your PC is located on the proxy server or your file is located on the authorized required server, it will not prevent you from defining the file size. Internet File Size informs of the authorization you need. Proxy server settings can be taken from Internet Explorer.

File size representation in any units:
You can get information about file size in any units. You can also use “Auto” mode to select units optimally.

Download InternetFileSize:

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