Did Joe Rogan Really Believe Tom DeLonge’s Confessions JRE Podcast 1029?

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Did Joe Rogan Really Believe Tom DeLonge’s Confessions JRE Podcast 1029?

Joe Rogan met with Tom DeLonge for episode 1029 of his podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). This episode is now exclusively on Spotify, but there are still clips available on YouTube. 

The whole The Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode 1029 was dedicated to discussing To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, and how Tom DeLonge became interested in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Tom DeLonge Was the Lead Singer of Blink 182 

To step back a bit, pre his UFO focus, DeLonge was the lead singer in the very popular band Blink 182. He left the band in 2015 to devote himself to UFO phenomena.
Another former band member, Travis Barker, told Joe Rogan on episode 1239 that DeLonge had always been fascinated in UFOs, and would often seek them out from the tour bus.
In addition to the spacecraft, Barker shared that they sometimes went to look for Bigfoot.

How Does Tom DeLonge Behave in the JRE studio? 

At the beginning of episode 1029 of The JRE, Rogan is very interested in what DeLonge has to say. However, as the episode moves along, he sounds like he is getting very skeptical and even joking about some things DeLonge has to say. 

It does not help that DeLonge does not know how to act while being filmed during a podcast. He twitches his eyes nonstop, and cannot sit still. Perhaps he is emotional, and wants to tell his story, but he certainly comes across as odd on camera. I have seen hundreds of JRE podcast shows, and DeLonge’s performance is odd to say the least. 

To his credit, he tells Rogan that he would never go into a debate about the things he says since he is not a scientist, just a spokesperson. It could also be the fact that DeLonge keeps telling Rogan “Sorry, I cannot talk about that.” 

Even if Rogan says, “I am a moron,” on every JRE podcast, he clearly is not. He has interviewed thousands of people on his podcast and knows what to ask; Rogan is a good listener as well. During the interview, DeLonge appears to walk through a minefield in order to avoid revealing secrets he says he has to protect. 

Throughout the show, DeLonge repeats, “I cannot talk about that,” and, “I cannot say his name,” quite often, and it gets a bit boring in the end as Rogan’s questions often end in unanswered black holes.

Normally, I love to research the subjects Rogan and his guest have discussed, and UFOs are a subject that I find really appealing. However, after listening to episode 1029 of the podcast, I just feel like my brain turned to mush. I cannot say a single thing stuck in my head from anything DeLonge said about UFOs. 

What Did Young Jamie Do on Episode 1029 of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast?

To be honest, Jamie did not do much on podcast 1029 at all. He normally pulls up videos and pictures before Joe Rogan says, “Pull that up, Jamie,” but there were very few cues. One time they tried to pull up a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief, and then DeLonge proclaimed he would not say if it was the correct former CIA operative he referenced. 

Later, Tom asked Jamie to pull up triangle shaped UFO videos, but Jamie had no luck, so Tom had to come and help him; this was the first time I saw a guest assist in research. Joe’s response to the video was, “If that was a movie, I would ask for a refund.” The video shows triangular objects filmed with a very bad camera. Tom explained that the bad footage is normal. Strangely enough, in April 2021, the United States Navy released what they claim is actual footage of triangle shaped UFOs flying over US airspace. 

Jamie did not do much else for the rest of the interview since DeLonge just rambles on. Every time they come to something interesting, DeLonge reiterates that he can not talk about it. 

Is Tom DeLonge Right About UFOs? 

Most of the things Tom DeLonge discussed in the 1029 podcast have actually come true. He released some videos in 2017, and in 2019, and Joe Rogan had Commander Fravor on the podcast talking about the same videos DeLonge released two years earlier. These videos were about the so-called “Tic Tac” UFOs. If you want to listen to the whole story about the “Tic Tac” UFOs, I suggest Lex Fridman’s podcast episode 122 with Commander Fravor.

There are still very few people who know about the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences outside of the UFO family. Maybe that’s because DeLonge has a very hard time being straightforward about the truth.
In the JRE podcast, DeLonge tells Rogan that he was headhunted by people close to the pentagon due to the information he possesses. Rogan asks DeLonge what he knows, and again they end up in a black hole.

After DeLonge met with certain pentagon contacts, senior scientists, and government officials, they created the company To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences. The academy mixes science and art to educate people regarding UFOs, and has now contracted with the US Army, as they have a huge number of credible scientists as backers. One of the former backers, Christopher Mellon, was recently a guest on JRE, but strangely Mellon only mentioned To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences one time while on the show.

alien on Joe Rogan

Finally, in Episode 1029, What did Joe Rogan Actually Think about Tom DeLonge’s UFO Claims?

In some episodes of the JRE Podcast, Rogan can put people to the wall, so to speak. In this episode he is very friendly to Tom; maybe since Joe wants to believe and also the facts that DeLonge presents have some serious credibility.

I think Joe really wanted to believe, and he wanted to hear information, but DeLonge could sadly not deliver anything new. All the questions Rogan asked him kept going nowhere. They did agree that Bob Lazar was the real deal, and DeLonge confirmed he had a project with him.

There was nothing that DeLonge said that could be verified in the JRE studio, and some people even suggested that this was the worst Joe Rogan guest of all time. However, I have seen a fair number of guests on JRE, and this was far from the worst.
Rogan was tired at the end of the podcast, and tried to end it in a nice way. Some comments on YouTube and Reddit suggested that Rogan was rude to DeLonge, but I think he was as polite as he could be considering the circumstances.

In a tweet DeLonge made at a later date, Rogan reconnected with him. In 2020 Rogan replied to the tweet, even though he repeatedly mentions he never reads and replies to tweets or Instagram comments.
On DeLonge’s official Twitter he apologized that he could not say much, and he wishes things could have gone differently.

With that said, if Tom DeLonge wants to appear as the face for the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences , he really needs to get his act together.
It will be interesting to see if during 2021 someone finds something more in all the files the CIA released due to President Trump’s order; perhaps he will return as a guest, but who knows? We shall see, as the truth is out there.  

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