Will AI be dangerous for humans? Elon Musk smoke weed with Joe Rogan JRE  #1169

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Will AI be dangerous for humans? Elon Musk talks to Joe Rogan JRE  #1169 and Elon Musk smoke weed in this episode as well.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has had its share of controversial guests, but few have been as polarizing as Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX was recently a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and the internet is still buzzing about the episode. The episode got famous since Elon Musk smoke weed on the podcast.

Rogan and Musk covered a lot of ground in their conversation, ranging from artificial intelligence to colonizing Mars. But there were five topics in particular that generated the most discussion online:

1. The development of AI and its potential implications

Musk is well known for his concerns over the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity. He believes that AI could eventually become so powerful that it poses a threat to our existence as a species. Rogan asked him how we can ensure that AI develops in such a way that it doesn’t ultimately harm us, and Musk said we need to be proactive in shaping its trajectory now rather than wait and see what happens. He also warned about the dangers of creating “super intelligent” machines that are smarter than humans – something he says could lead to our enslavement or extinction.

2. His efforts to make space travel more affordable

One of Musk’s long-term goals is to make space travel accessible to everyone, not just wealthy astronauts or governments. Toward this end, he’s developed reusable rockets which should dramatically reduce the cost per pound for launching payloads into orbit (current prices hover around $10,000/pound). Rogan asked him whether he thought commercial space travel would ever be mainstream, and Musks replied that he did – within 40 years or so – thanks largely to advances in technology like reusable rockets mentioned earlier. 3) The possibility of human beings living on other planets someday

Like most people his age, Musk thinks it’s highly likely that human beings will one day need to find another planet home due only to survive. Right now there are several projects underway aimed at making this possible, including colonization efforts on Mars.

How did Rogan and Musk’s conversation go overall?​

Elon Musk tesla
Elon Musk tesla

In episode #1169 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk was a special guest. The hour-and-a-half conversation covered a wide range of topics, from the dangers of AI to Tesla’s stock price and everything in between.

Overall, the discussion between Rogan and Musk was candid, insightful and at times humorous. Here are some key takeaways:

On Tesla’s Stock Price

Musk expressed frustration with short sellers (investors who bet against a company’s stock price) and their impact on Tesla’s share price. He argued that Wall Street is “obsessed” with quarterly earnings rather than long term potential, which harms companies like Tesla that are investing for the future instead of focusing on short-term gains. While he acknowledged that there have been execution issues at his company, he emphasized that they’re working hard to fix them while still revolutionizing transportation.

On His Relationship With Jeff Bezos

Rogan asked about reports that Amazon had attempted to buy SpaceX and whether Musk had ever talked to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of The Washington Post. Musk confirmed the conversations happened but said they were brief due to differing philosophies – Amazon tries to minimize losses while SpaceX is focused on innovation even if it means sustaining some failures along the way. He added that he has immense respect for Bezos as an investor but doesn’t see him as a rival or enemy despite their differences in approach.

On Artificial Intelligence & Its Dangers

Musk has spoken extensively about his concerns over artificial intelligence (AI) – namely its ability to outpace human intelligence relatively quickly – and reiterated many of those same points during this interview. He believes AI presents both an existential threat (“We need to be super careful”) as well as massive opportunities (“It’s going to be really great”), making it one of society’s most important challenges/opportunities going forward

What were some of the most interesting points raised during their chat?​

Joe Rogan and Elon Musk had a very in-depth conversation that ranged from discussing life to the latest technological advances. Some of the most interesting points raised during their chat are summarized below:

Rogan asked about some of the biggest challenges facing humanity and Musk mentioned two key areas: climate change and artificial intelligence (AI). He stressed the importance of tackling climate change as it’s potentially something that could cause our extinction as a species if left unaddressed. Regarding AI, he noted that while it has great potential benefits, there is also a risk that it could become an existential threat to humanity if not managed correctly. Most of the questions discussed without Elon Musk smoke weed since Elon Smoke weed later in the episode.

Rogan also asked about some of the moments in Musk’s life which have been most inspirational to him. One such moment was when he visited The Pyramids in Egypt and saw how ancient civilizations were able to achieve so much with limited resources. This made him think about what we’re capable of achieving today if we put our minds to it. Another significant moment was when he read Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy” which got him interested in space travel and attempting to colonize other planets.

Musk also discussed his thoughts on transferring consciousness into another body or computer system, noting that while this may be possible one day, we currently don’t know enough about neuroscience to make this happen yet. Similarly, he doesn’t believe fully autonomous cars will be ready for widespread deployment until sometime after 2030 due to current limitations with both software & hardware reliability.

Did Elon Musk smoke weed on the JRE podcast?

Elon Musk smoke weed
Elon Musk smoke weed

Even if Elon Musk denies smoking weed on the Joe Rogan podcast you can not lie to the camera. Sure it could have been normal cigarettes but not many people believe that. Joe Rogan is very pro marijuana and constantly questions why for example alcohol is legal but other drugs are not. Joe Rogan has not been seen smoking that much since his move to Texas since the law on using mariuana is not as favorable as in his other locations. But Joe Rogan posted on his instagram story a photo of Joe Diaz rolling weed in his studio. 

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